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Sex Education in American Public Schools

this is genuinely terrifying

Why is there even an “education doesn’t have to be medically accurate” option?

Fucking Texas.

This is why we have the highest std and teen pregnancy rates of any industrialized nation

We should be horrified

I still remember my numerous abstinence assemblies in Texas…

They had us do an activity where they had 4 students hold up a card, and was like “one of these cards has a blue card on the back. This symbolizes the 1:4 people who have STDs” then they all turned the card around and they were all white. Why? Because “you don’t know who’s carrying”


Woo go Oregon!

akiraisanamoeba asked:

Congrats on going to burning man! First time? If not, welcome home (soon)! If so, any questions? you prob'ly have peeps to ask, but if not, shoot 'em over.

Yes first time! They’re pretty good about sending first-timer reading materials and stuff so we know all the basics. Is it true that they don’t let you keep your pictures? Someone said that they have copyrights on all the pictures anyone takes there so if you try to use then for anything they will make you take them down…

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