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Animated Graphite Self-Portrait by T.S. Abe


UK-based fashion illustrator and designer T.S. Abe created this fantastic animated self-portrait from a series 15 individual graphite drawings. Abe says this is the first in a series of moving portraits she intends to draw and also mentions this is her first foray into animation. You can follower her most recent work on Tumblr.

Text Via Colossal With Thanks


Today is October 13th, which makes it, if I’ve done my math correctly, the 128th anniversary of opening night of Le Cirque des Rêves

So today I will be doing something I don’t normally do on tumblr: I’ll be retumbling circus-inspired things throughout the day. 

Above is a close-up of the original paper cut art by the wonderful Helen Musselwhite from the US cover. (It’s hanging in my living room.)

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