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I never realized how much I leaned on my wife until I’m unable to. This is so hard on her it’s like living with a zombie. I’m not used to being the boss of the house. I don’t like it at all and am apparently doing a poor job at best. I hope this gets better soon. I don’t know how much of this I can handle. Props to my ex for surviving with me when I went through this, I don’t know how she did for so long. It’s only been 4 days an I’m at my end.





#and then he dies #and she starts killing people

Not to mention the whole damn town gets cursed

he doesn’t just DIE, he’s lynched because the Gaston-equivalent sees them together and the whole town is horribly racist and that’s why she starts killing people


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So. I inadvertently killed a momma deer today.

She was in my garden and saw me coming, she got stuck and tried to go through the chicken wire fence. We have been with her since 5 am trying to cut her out, but she keeps whipping around and making is worse. We finally got her out but now she can’t move. We think she hurt her neck. But then she started moving around and trying to get up, it might just be her shoulder. We called fish and wild life and they said to shoot her.
We called the police and they said to shot her.
We finally got the state police to say that they would come look at her and see if she can be saved. She’s got two babies who are still on spots. My heart is broken and I’m tearing down my garden. Updates later on.

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